5 Things You Need to Know About Manual Flushing

5 Things You Need to Know About Manual Flushing

Manual Flushing: You got a few hundred dollars on your casino account, and it’s time to withdraw. After 12 hours, you decided to cancel your request and start betting again with your favorite casino. You end up losing a few dollars.

You can avoid spending your winning or reversing your withdrawal. The solution is manual flushing. What is it? Here are five things you should remember about manually flushing


Manual Flushing: Withdrawal Requests

Manual flushing has something to do with your withdrawal requests. When you withdraw a certain amount in your casino account, you can manually flush the amount.

When you flush your withdrawal, the casino temporarily suspends the amount until the transaction is complete. It may take a few hours to days, depending on the payment method and the amount involved.

A significant amount of cashout may require you to provide additional proof of identity besides those IDs you provided upon sign up.


Not Automatic

Flushing isn’t automatic. After processing your withdrawal, you need to talk to a customer support representative. Tell them that you want to flush the amount manually.

The casino will process your request and remove the amount from your account. You will receive notification about the transaction through email. Some casinos would even send a copy of the conversation on the manual flushing.


Manual Flushing Third-Party

When a casino processes your manual flushing, it will place the amount to a temporary account. This account could be a real bank or some third parties maintaining a partnership with the casino.

Your money is still safe, even if you can’t see it in your account. In case something wrong happens, you can always file a complaint.


No Reversal

Once you manually flush your withdrawal, you can’t reverse the withdrawal anymore. Wait for the cashout transaction to complete.

What if you want to play again? You need to deposit additional cash credits using your preferred method to play.

There’s a benefit of manual flushing. It can prevent you from overspending your winnings. It is beneficial if you’re having trouble sticking to your bankroll limit.


Not All Offers It

Blog-5 Things You Need to Know About Manual Flushing

Many casinos don’t offer manually flush because this process prevents you from reversing your withdrawal. What can we say? Business is business.

Online casinos will want you to continue playing, and reversal of withdrawal is one of their techniques to allow you to play more. But, don’t let this thing prevent you from trying a new casino site.

Flushing is essential when you tend to reverse withdrawal every time you make a request. But, if a casino doesn’t have manual flushing, it doesn’t mean its untrustworthy.


It’s normal to reverse your withdrawal occasionally or even regularly. Online casino prefers reversal than manual flushing because it means you want to continue gambling. It’s income on their part.

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