Blog-5 Ways to Stretch Your Bankroll When Playing Online Slots Games

5 Ways to Stretch Your Bankroll in Online Slots

5 Ways to Stretch Your Bankroll When you play online slots game: One of the general rules in responsible gambling is to stick to your bankroll. Sometimes, sticking to it could be hard, especially if you’re enjoying a winning streak series. Still, you’d want to stretch your bankroll. Here are five ways to do it.


Deactivate the Auto-Spin in Online Slots

Deactivate the Auto-Spin in Online Slots

Online slots games have auto-spin so you can play conveniently. Indeed, you won’t have to tire yourself clicking on the mouse. But, it’s also the fastest way to drain your bankroll.

In a matter of minutes, you’ve spent $20 or maybe more. The worst part is losing more than winning a single payline.

If you’ve been doing the auto-spin, it’s time to deactivate it now. Take your time to play slots games. Slow down so your bankroll will last for hours.


Watch Out for Casino Promotions

Casino promotions may come as additional cash credits or free spins. You can get these casino bonuses when you make a deposit, log-in to your account, or participate in casino events.

Another way to get casino bonuses is by joining a loyalty program. VIP accounts earn points, and you can use these points to claim casino bonuses.

You can use these casino bonuses to add up to your bankroll or off-set losses. As a result, you get to play online slots games more extended than usual.


Look for Slots With Bonus Features

Look for Slots With Bonus Features

Bonus features can either be free spin or a bonus round. A free spin is an excellent way to earn additional spins that you can use in playing slots games online. Extra spins mean chances of winning real cash.

Bonus rounds can result in a mini-game. This mini-game can break the monotony of playing slots games. We know how boring a slot game can get overtime.


Bet in a Lower Amount on Online Slots

We know betting at a higher amount is fun and allows you to win big prizes. However, it’s also another fastest way to exhaust your bankroll in less than 10 minutes, or at the most 30 minutes.

The best thing to do is to choose the lowest bet if you want to spend hours playing slots online. The lowest stake might not bring you a large sum of prizes, but it will help you in stretching your bankroll for hours.


Play a Demo Slot Game

Play a Demo Slot Game

From time to time, play a free slot game. Free slot games won’t increase your bankroll. Instead, it will take your mind off on playing real money.

The perk is winning some free spins and additional virtual cash to use in playing. Moreover, playing a demo can help you build the patience you need.



Playing online slots games won’t make you win extra cash because they favor the casino more than the players. Still, it can provide you online entertainment that is quite similar to watching a movie in theaters. These tips might not give an absolute result, but they work if you give one of the tips a try.

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