Bonus train bandits


Bonus Train Bandits is an online slot machine with five revolving reels, three horizontal lines and 20 straight pay lines. The basic layout of the train bonus game resembles that of the original games. However, bonus train bonuses now come in a wide variety of forms such as animated icons, flashing lights, sound effects, and even special offers that allow you to save money on spins.

You can also bet on bonus train bandits by betting on one symbol from either the top left or bottom right corners of the reel. Wins earned on this type of slot machines are worth maxing out your bankroll. When the wild symbols rotate around the reels they make up what is called the dynamite symbol. When you have a dynamite symbol on a paying line and you want to win a jackpot then all you need do is choose a wild symbol other than the dynamite and place your bet of maxing out your bankroll. You will receive winnings based on the total number of symbols on the paying line and not on whether or not you picked the symbol.

To get the highest payout and highest chances of hitting a jackpot while playing bonus train bandits you need to play the machine at its lowest payout. Slots at the minimum payout are not worth the bet. Playing slot games at these low wager levels allows you to practice slotting at different odds and helps you determine which bets work best depending on the individual slot machine. The lower payoff slots will let you practice and determine which bets work best. You can use slot theory to help you determine how much to bet on a machine where the maximum payoff is lower. This feature is great because you can determine how much you can make at various odds and then place your bets accordingly.

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